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Devoted to the outsourcing of the áreas of Accounting, Fiscal and Personnel,
we dispose of a highly specialized staff ando f a corporate
system – ERP, totally friendly, safe and efficient


A provider of outsourcing services, Recall Ledger proposes to be an extension of your company. Our directors, managers and employees are highly qualified and committed to provide a first class service so that our clients receive services and business solutions that meet the highest standards of confidentiality, ethics, quality and timeliness. Effective outsourcing enables the Company´s managers to focus more on market opportunities in addition to achieving substantial cost reductions. Recall Ledger Contadores & Consultores is ready to offer outsourcing services either on or off site covering the areas of Accounting, Fiscal, Payroll, Treasury and Financial Consulting. We offer the highest level of confidentiality, one of our key Client commitments. We invite you to know our company and check how and why we can offer you quality and reliable service in accordance with your Company needs.  

Areas of Outsourcing


Bookkeeping and analysis of documents.
Elaboration of managerial and societary reports in national and foreign currency.
Elaboration of reports for sending abroad in foreign currency and under the IFRS rules.
Elaboration of all the reports and accounting and fiscal statutory obligations for submitting to the Federal, State and City collection agencies.
Readiness for external audit.
Technical guidance for demands with the Central Bank, IRS and other agencies.


Fiscal, calculation and assessment bookkeeping of taxes, rates and Federal, State and City contributions.
Electronic issuance of invoices (NFs), analysis of documents of import, bookkeeping of books and fiscal records.
Technical counseling connected to taxes in general.
Readiness to fiscal and taxes inspections.
Creation of magnetic files.

Labor/Social Security 

Processing of payroll, vacation, 13th salary, dismissals, etc. Issuance of personalized paychecks.
Calculation and assessment of costs and contributions. Registration of employees and their enrollment with the competent agencies.
Elaboration of the reports to be sent to the inspection agencies, labor and social security.
Assistance on agreements, conventions and labor disputes. Elaboration and dispatch of the annual demonstrative of revenue. Assistance on labor and social security inspections.
e-Social Paychecks on line


Consulting Areas


Review of taxes assessment.
Studies for the assessment of tax burden.
Assessment of Transfer Pricing.
Review of fiscal statutory obligations.
Elaboration of technical reports to identify tax credits.

Audit / Limited Review

Fiscal Audit.
Financial Audit.
Audit / Review of Labor Calculation.
Operational Audit in several áreas (Purchase, Accounts Payable and Receivable,
Inventory, Costs, Profit Distribution, Fixed Asset etc)


Analysis of Accounting Demonstration.
Development of plan of accounts.
Elaboration of balance sheets in current currency USD.
Review of accounting procedures and of elaboration of
Accounting demonstrations.
Physical inventory and accounting comparison of fixed asset.
Limited Review of balance sheets.
Reports of Special balance sheets review.

Societary Area

Elaboration of reports for consolidation transactions, acquisitions and Incorporation.
Due Diligence.

Other areas

Elaboration of procedures concerning Fringe Benefits. Elaboration of labor procedures concerning expatriates.
Elaboration of expertise reports.
Legal representation for foreign partner.


We serve to a diversified portfólio of clients, composed of national and foreign entities, proceeding of several countries of the Americas and Europe, acting in the most different economic segments , among which we highlight: 

• Commerce and Industry 
• Financial Communication 
• Electric and electronic components 
• Consulting and Assistance 
• Software development 
• Non governmental organizations Home Care 
• Hotel 
• Informatics and data transmission • Real Estate 
• Medical Industry 
• Chemical Industry 
• Import & Export 
• Satellite operations 
• Oil and gas 
• Private Retirement 
• Advertising and Marketing


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