Our Clients are national and multinational and come from countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, China, South Korea, Spain, United States, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, United Kingdom and Switzerland, with operations in the main economic segments:

    • Property management and rental
    • Advocacy
    • Shipping agency
    • Support for oil and natural gas extraction
    • Insurance assessment
    • Vehicle shielding
    • Wholesale of machinery and equipment
    • Wholesale trade in general
    • Buy and selling of properties
    • Custom Software Development
    • Electric and thermoelectric power
    • Oil and gas engineering and architecture
    • Engineering, technical analysis and architecture for construction
    • Geological studies
    • Oil and gas exploration
    • Manufacture of cabins, bodies and trailers for vehicles.
    • Harbor workforce management
    • Real estate management and administration
    • Hotels and web hosting,
    • Security Material Printing
    • Properties incorporation and construction
    • Veterinary medicine and products industry
    • Paints, varnishes, enamels, and lacquers industry
    • Maintenance of machinery and equipment
    • Navigation
    • Organization of fairs, congresses and events
    • Health organizations
    • Non-governmental organizations.
    • Provision of geostationary capacity.
    • Steel industry
    • IT Technical Support
    • Satellite Telecommunications
    • Data processing, application service providers and web hosting
    • Sale of digital books and periodicals

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